We are a large family on a small farm on the northwest edge of St. Charles, Illinois. Tom grew up farming corn, soybeans, pigs, and cows in Central Illinois. Rebecca grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago gardening, working at a greenhouse in high school, and studying botany in college. Even on the quarter acre lot we previously lived on in Naperville, we looked for ways to raise our own fresh, natural food. Now, we have been blessed with the chance to raise not only food for our own family, but also for others who are interested in natural, chemical-free* food.  We only feed our children what we have found to be the best; and this dedication to excellent, clean, natural nutrition is passed on to you.

* – Tom teaches high school chemistry, and can’t help but note that everything is made of chemicals. We mean that we don’t use manufactured petrochemical herbicides, pesticides, or antibiotics on our land.